Why Is the GOP Destroying It’s Own Voter Base?

Two cannibals are eating dinner.
The first cannibal says, “I hate my mother-in-law.”
The second cannibal says, “Well then try the potatoes.”

Republicans find themselves in the same position of that first cannibal. They’re consuming their own family, the very voters that propelled them into office. Here’s the evidence.

Health care has become an open sore that the GOP cannot heal. Yes, they promised to abolish Obamacare. Unfortunately, that huge pool of working class voters that propelled them to victory in the last election rely on that program to maintain the health of their children. Abolishing Obamacare would almost certainly make the next election cycle a disaster. The only way to win is to not play. Pretend to abolish Obamacare, but have a few key senators vote against it. The problem is that the repeated ‘attempts’ are always in the news, and it makes the voters nervous.

Women’s issues are another potential land mine. You would think that the GOP would have learned by now to leave this one alone, but they keep circling back to it. The Trump administration is making noises like it will abolish the Obama era presidential order that women’s contraception be covered by health plans. In addition the GOP is working hard at trying to throw more impediments in the way of a woman seeking an abortion. The last time I checked, women made up more than half of the population.

The final group they are losing are the unemployed and the underemployed. Republicans in the last election cycle promised jobs for the middle class if they got elected. Nothing has happened beyond the weak tea of proposed tax cuts for the wealthy and the vague promise that those cuts will somehow trickle down to the working class. The rust belt through Ohio continues to look like a third world country. There is no rebellion against Republicans among the residents yet, but the resentment in growing. The spark of the next election cycle could turn that solid Republican base into Democrat voters. Ohio is primed to lead the rebellion.

Why have they turned their backs on the voters who elected them? Perhaps the people who write the checks demand that Republicans pull the country in a different direction. Who would these people be? Let’s consider health care.

Money spent on health care is money that cannot be spent on the military. Why is that important? Supplying weapons is lucrative. There is little competition and profit margins are large enough that big money can be spent on Congress to assure that the corporate largess continues. This is also the reason why Republicans resist spending money on any social program like Social Security or Medicare. It is money that they literally will never see again. A second important reason is that the multibillionaires writing the checks want a tax break. You can’t improve health care and have a tax break. It would mean less money for defense.

The Republican attack on women’s issues seems senseless. Why Trump has chosen to alienate every female voter under the age of fifty is a mystery that only Trump can explain. His goal might be to undo Obama’s legacy no matter how it hurts the Republican party. It could be just that petty. What doesn’t make sense is why Republicans continue to support right to life legislation. In the past it has been a defining issue, but for the last couple of election cycles it has done nothing to get Republicans elected The shrinking demographics of the religious right cannot support the cost of losing yet another generation of female voters. Obviously somebody with extremely conservative religious views must be writing huge checks. The DeVos family comes to mind.

Doing nothing about jobs costs no money at all, and that explains why nothing has been done. My personal feeling is that if Republicans achieved full employment for the middle class those workers would be willing to forgive everything else that the Republicans have done to them. It’s not likely to happen. Jobs training and then promoting an industry like wind and solar power or perhaps infrastructure improvement to provide jobs would cost too much money. That is big money that cannot be spent on the military, and remember the marching orders from the people writing the checks is that there be massive tax cuts to corporations and the upper class. Besides, the gas and oil industry write huge checks to the Republicans also.

What’s going to happen? Eventually people are going to get irritated enough to vote out the incumbents. Congressional inaction last year has proved who the obstacles in Congress are. It’s not the Democrats. This upcoming election cycle may begin the slow spiral of the Republican party into minor party status. Dissatisfaction with Congress and the President continue to grow. The midterm elections will show just how upset voters are. Republicans are like the cannibals, but they cannot continue to consume their family if they want to stay in power.