Clare Hollingworth – World War II Reporter Dies at 105

Clare Hollingworth featured image

Clare Hollingworth – Reporter Who Broke News of the Start of World War II – dead at 105 years.

Clare Hollingworth is the reporter who is credited with breaking the news of the start of World War II is dead at 105.  She was reporting for the Telegraph for less then a week when she went on a fact finding trip along the border of Germany and Poland.  It is here where she noticed the Germany’s massive build up of military forces and reported it.  Three days later Germany launched it’s attack on Poland and started one of the great war’s off all time.

According to sources and some that knew her closely, she was a journalist to the end.  Back in her 80’s as her eye sight began to fail, she said of being a journalist, that she would have continued to the end.  She enjoyed being in a war and being able to report the news.

A true Journalist at heart – Clare Hollingworth dead at 105.


You can read more about Clare on her Wikipedia page 



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