Trump Eliminates Unconstitutional Obama DACA program


According to the White House, President Trump has taken steps to eliminate the unconstitutional Deferred Action of Child Arrivals (DACA).  DACA was a presidential order instituted in 2012 by then President Barack Obama.  It is widely held that this act would not be upheld in the court systems as it is an act directly stepping around Congress.  According to the white house, it is the job of Congress to create law and that if the people want a law similar to DACA, then it is their job to pass it and send it to the desk of the President for signature.  That is all that the President is asking.  Congress do your job and send me a bill.

Many on the left are critical of the decision and placing blame on the President.  The claim is that he somehow is responsible for the welfare of these children and lacks empathy for those brought into the country as children.  While this is certainly a thought largely held by the left, it is very clear that it is the job of congress to address this issue.  Then President Obama,  signed the order for DACA as a way of increasing his base prior to the election of 2012 against Mitt Romney, according to many on the right.  While this might be, it is also widely believed that DACA would be challenged in the court and overturned.  This would put 800,000 children at risk of immediate deportation. So, had the previous administration not taken the short route to providing this type of protection to these children, then this wouldn’t be an issue today.

The President’s actions are a step to restoring the law and provides congress with 6 months to do the bidding of the people.  If the people of the United States want this type of protection provided to the those directly affected by DACA, then it is up to them to prepare the legislation.  This will know doubt force congress on the right and left to compromise and work together.  However, it is the right way to address the issue and keeping with the rule of law and order.