NFL Owners Approve Raiders Relocation to Las Vegas

las vegas NFL stadium rendition

Oakland Raiders to Relocate to Las Vegas

On Monday, March 27, 2017, the NFL owners group approved the relocation to Las Vegas of the Oakland Raiders.  In this historic and once thought to be impossible move, Las Vegas becomes an NFL City.  Many years ago, the city of Las Vegas didn’t have the necessary population to support an NFL football team and the entertainment nature of the city was a deterrent to the moving of the team to the city.

As the years have gone by and the city and the surrounding population have grown to approximately 2 million people, and estimate 39.2 million visitors each year, the possibility of having a NFL team in the best entertainment city in the world became a possibility.

The Nevada Government and the city and the county put together an enticing package that included a $1.7 billion dollar stadium of which $750 million was public funding.  After all was approved by the different government entities, the only thing for the city to do was wait on a decision by the NFL owners.  On Monday, that decision came with a 31-1 vote approving the move to Las Vegas.

According to Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, the stadium won’t be complete and ready for play until 2020.  Until then according to the NFL, the Oakland Raiders will continue to play in Oakland.  That is somewhat awkward according to sources in the NFL, but is a necessity due to construction times and a desire for the smooth transition of the team.

In a statement, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said it was a “monumental day for the Las Vegas and the entire State of Nevada,” thanking Davis, the Raiders and the NFL owners for “their belief in the potential of our state.”