Democratic Party Life is Difficult if you are a Member

Democratic party life The once mighty democratic party in disarray and one can only think that it’s constituency is having a difficult life right now. First Things The first thing that comes to mind in most situations is the recent election.  The democratic politicians across the entire spectrum of governance were soundly defeated with just a few exceptions.  Across America, two thirds of the governors in office are republican and many of those carry veto proof legislatures.  There are…

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Mark Levin’s Open Letter to CNN’s Brian Stelter
Mark Levin

The following is Mark Levin’s, conservative radion and television host, to CNN host Brian Stelter, in response to Stelter’s article Monday at, “Birth of a conspiracy theory: How Trump’s wiretap claim got started.” Did you listen to my show on Thursday, before President Trump tweeted? Did you watch my appearance on Fox and Friends Sunday morning? I know you are ticked I did not appear on your show, despite your numerous requests. Your ad hominem attacks about “right wing”…

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