Playboy Magazine Returns to Nudity

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Playboy magazine

almost a cultural icon around the world, has brought back nudity
alongside its articles and other entertaining information.  Under the leadership of Scott Flanders, ex CEO, the magazine had eliminated the pictures that had for so many years made the magazine famous.  Nudity had been removed due to the availability of similar images and pornography on the internet.  According to sources at the magazine, the readership expressed strong interest in the return of beautiful women alongside the content.
The magazine has returned to its roots with the 2017 March-April edition and has seen the departure months ago of Scott Flanders.  Playboy personnel say that the removal of nudity was a mistake and that they are returning the magazine to one of its roots of popularity alongside the articles, and conversation pieces with notable people in society.

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The magazine saw its first edition in 1953 and contained semi-nude and full center folds alongside articles, interviews, and other information about many prominent people in America and the world.  The magazine continues to be one of the most well known names in business and many social circles and is credited with starting the sexual revolution in the early sixties and seventies.  By November of 1972, the magazine sold 7,161,561.

While changes have occurred over the years, and overall subscriptions have fallen off some, it remains one of the most popular magazine around the world.




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