Open That Bottle Night – Wine With Friends
wine cellar picture

OTBN is Saturday, February 25th. Are you waiting for a special occasion to open a cherished bottle of wine (or champagne, or spirits)? How long have you been waiting… one year? Two years? Is it sitting in the back of a cupboard covered with dust? Open That Bottle Night (or OTBN) was created in 2000 by wine columnists Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, of the Wall Street Journal as an annual occasion that aims to motivate people to reconnect with each…

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Playboy Magazine Returns to Nudity
playboy image

Playboy magazine almost a cultural icon around the world, has brought back nudity alongside its articles and other entertaining information.  Under the leadership of Scott Flanders, ex CEO, the magazine had eliminated the pictures that had for so many years made the magazine famous.  Nudity had been removed due to the availability of similar images and pornography on the internet.  According to sources at the magazine, the readership expressed strong interest in the return of beautiful women alongside the…

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