WooCommerce Plugin Vulnerability

WordPress and woocommerce together are a very popular infrastructure platform for thousands of e-commerce sites around the world.  The pair together while providing solid support for their products, are still constantly under attack from attacker across the globe.  Recently, the wordpress premium plugin “Woocommerce Vendor plugin” was discovered to be vulnerable to a Reflective XSS vulnerability.  This type of scripting vulnerability allows attackers to insert malicious code into an otherwise legitimate transaction between a customer and the e-commerce site….

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FirstNet Public Saftety Network to be built and Manage by AT&T
firstnet logo

First Responder Network to be built by AT&T AT&T has been selected to by the First Responder Network Authority (Firstnet) to build and manage the nationwide network dedicated to first responders. The network will cover all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, including rural communities and tribal lands in those states and territories. The network will add another 10,000 jobs to the economy and will alleviate some vulnerabilities and limitation in the current methods that the…

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Amazon Echos Alexa Taking a Break in Las Vegas and Maybe more
Amazon echo

Alexa from Amazon is on a break, at least in Las Vegas.  10:11 PM Tuesday (corrected) 7, 2017 Amazon echo or you may know her as Alexa, seems to be taking a break.  At least, she is taking a break in Las Vegas.  We have reached out to our sources at Amazon and will post more as the information comes in.  For now, it seems that we will all have to turn those lights on and off without help…

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