Trump Campaigns in North Dakota

President Trump flax

Donald Trump Campaigns in North Dakota

President Donald Trump gave America a freewheeling demonstration of pure Trumpism.  At a rally in North Dakota of about 6000 people, the president was relaxed, freewheeling, and energetic in his speech to the crowd.  He covered many topics in a manner designed to ramp up the base and certainly the crowd in Fargo’s Scheels arena.

President Trump highlighted many aspects of his presidency thus far, and through in a few minutes of begging the Democrats to keep Nancy Pelosi, Maxine as the mouth piece and the face of the party.  He referred to the many audacious comments and both Nancy and Maxine have made lately.  He asked the crowd what would have happened if it had been him that said the things Nancy and Maxine have said over the past few months.

Trump also gave us a hint, though very small, of the type of justice he would be choosing to replace the retiring 82 year old Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.  He said that the retirement make the issue of Senate control as one of the vital issues of our time.

The president gave a rip roaring speech to all Americans like no other president has in decades.  He was relaxed, speaking from the heart, off script most of the night, in what I would call the Trump zone.

Certainly there are many on the left that won’t accept his rally speech as a speech for all Americans, but that is exactly what it was designed to be.  A person couldn’t help but what and listen and think, wow, what a speech.