Glenn Jacobs – WWE Superstar – Running for Mayor

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Superstar Kane Running For Mayor

Glenn Jacobs, age 49, widely known as the WWE Superstar, Kane™, is planning to open a can of whoop-ass in the Knox County, TN mayoral race in 2018.  Since the mid ‘90s, Jacobs has hailed from East Tennessee and now lives in the Halls Community of Knoxville. Jacobs, who has professionally wrestled since 1992, still performs in select WWE venues. All the while outspoken, he has taken a keen interest in the political underpinnings of the jabroney-led infrastructure that affects nearly half-a-million Tennesseans’ daily lives.

Finally succumbing to a bunkhouse stampede of peer pressure in the Knoxville political community, Jacobs filed treasurer appointment paperwork on March 1st, fulfilling the legal and ethical requirement to develop a publicly-vetted record detailing political fund-raising and expenditures. This doesn’t look kayfabe, and Jacob’s campaign will likely turn into a full-on shoot. Jacobs, who stands at a towering height of seven feet, must file his nominating petition by November to enter the county election cycle. All petitions and financial disclosures, including Jacob’s, can be viewed online. The election takes place on May 1st, 2018.

Jacobs is no longer a heel, but is a registered Republican who states, “Government should stay out of people’s way and let free enterprise do what it does best.” The current mayor, Tim Burchett, Republican, faces term limitations along with the risk of choke-slams and cannot run or serve as mayor again. Burchett served in the TN House of Representatives from 1995-1998, the Tennessee Senate from 1999-2010, and as Knox County Mayor since. Burchett made headlines in 1999 when he sponsored a bill seeking to legalize the consumption of roadkill. Current Tennessee Hunter Education Courses reveal the results, found here.

The 323lb Jacobs has been actively engaged in Libertarian politics co-founded the Tennessee Liberty Alliance in 2008 with Fred Childress, from Norris, TN. Childress was a labor economist, an IT professional, an entrepreneur, and a business owner who lived in Oak Ridge, TN. Childress died in a motorcycle crash in Montana in July, 2010. The TLA’s mission is to educate citizens about their government.


glenn jacobs suitCondescending moment: Jacobs is extremely intelligent and well-spoken. He is an accomplished academician who spends much of his time in Dialectic engagement (see Socrates) educating students and peers in both domestic and international venues. He gives compelling speeches on various complex aspects of public service and government, including this discussion on the Federal Reserve system. While some of his positions on civil liberties, fiat currencies, vaccinations, and self-government may seem, at first, controversial, he and his liberty-leaning civil-liberty advocate companions are very pro-education and pro-skepticism.


Jacobs and his wife, Crystal, currently own two Allstate-franchised insurance companies, the Jacobs Insurance Agency in the Cedar Bluffs Community of Knoxville, and Jacobs Insurance Associates, in Halls. Winning the mayoral job would likely put an end to his WWE contract as well as his directorship of the insurance companies. This would be an interesting financial change for Jacobs, who still pulls down at least a cool million each year from his WWE contracts alone. Small-scale insurance industry CEOs in the East Tennessee region easily earn six figures. With Jacobs’ connections, it’s a safe bet that he courts a million per annum. The county mayor earns around $170,000 and oversees almost 1,000 employees with a more than $750 million budget. This job will result in a pay raise for Jacobs and his family.

The Knox County Mayor acts as the chief financial officer for all county business assets, expenditures, and accounting services; he serves as a non-voting member of every county legislative committee, commission, and board; he oversees the county school systems; and he has the care and custody of all county properties, except the courthouse, which belongs to the sheriff. Interestingly, Knoxville (city) also has a mayor, who oversees services of a very similar nature. The lines of authority separating the overlapping mayors are just as clearly defined as those dramatically portrayed via the nepotistic corporate infrastructure of Vince McMahon’s WWE.  State law provides that counties have an elected county executive who uses the title of “county mayor.” Exceptions are Davidson County (Nashville area), Moore County (home of the Jack Daniel Distillery and the annual Bonnaroo Festivals), and Trousdale County (a teeny-tiny county adjacent Davidson County), which have consolidated city-county governments.

Article written by:

Timothy Cummings

Elance News, Citizen Journalist